The Wonderful Paradox - I have more fund and enjoy more financial success when
I help other people get what they want

The GSB is a company limited by guarantee formed in 2012 (formerly a company limited by shares  in 2009), however, our services have been running since 2002.  Our idea is to be an organisation 'for the people, by the people' with no more than three directors but hundreds of members.

To date we have been providing honest, creative and practical information and services to individuals, businesses and voluntary groups who approached us, mostly through our RAUK Help Desk and have now added our GSB Help Desk to deal with other enquiries.  In time we hope to become a registered charity with its own Executive Committee.  Meanwhile we do our best to  conform to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in order to help members to do the same.

For several years our services were provided either free of charge or for donations, but we now feel in a position to offer a proper membership so that we can all work together to improve how we all endeavour to serve our communities.   Membership will create cashflow so that we can meet our expenses and grant funds to those who need financial assistance when they do not fill the criteria of other government bodies, businesses or groups.

We will never pressure you into hiring us, or recommend services inappropriate to your needs or share your details with any other organisation without your prior permission.


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