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Having been ripped off by someone last year and lost approx. £3,000 I thought I would include this page for people to warn others: 

Company GoAssist - Fridge Repair Warning (March 2018)

Please read or ask about the conditions when phoning a firm asking for a repair to a fridge/freezer. Recently we contacted GoAssist a phone number in Walthamstow as our 15 year old fridge freezer did not appear to be working. There was no noise, no light and it wasn’t cold. On the phone, the firm were friendly and helpful, charged me £20 for sending someone that day, then charged £285 fee. At this point Do check conditions. The fridge only required a new light bulb. The repair man did not know why the other faults had occurred. We were charged £300 for a fridge light! When we asked for some/any refund we were told it was a fixed rate, so no help was offered. GoAssist is the firm, be warned. (J. Newman, Woodford, Essex)

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